My go-to Summer Fruit

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Mmmmmm… If I had a dollar for every time I’ve eaten watermelon this summer, or even craved it for that matter, I’d be one rich bit…

It has honestly been my go-to summer fruit all summer. I crave it more than I crave Starbucks Frappuccino’s, and I mean that’s A LOT.

Besides being made of something like 92% water, and being a natural diuretic, watermelon surprisingly has many other healthy benefits despite the misconception that it’s only made of sugar.

1. It helps flush all the toxins. 

With being made of mostly water, it allows you to flush out any toxins, also because it’ll make you pee. LOTS.

2. All sorts of Vitamins. 

We’ve got about a third of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C, A, some potassium in there, riboflavin, and all those other goodies that you know you’re suppose to have but can never pronounce.

3. Soothes Sore Muscles

There’s a few things such as amino acids in this bad boy that can help with your circulation and helps soothe sore muscles. I would assume that the fact that it’s jam-packed with water has something to do with keeping you hydrated and less sore.

4. Beautiful hair and skin

The amount of water, and the healthy goodies in the watermelon helps keep your skin and hair hydrated, which is a direct result specifically of Vitamin A.

5. Prevention 

Lots of vitamins and healthy things for you means a prevention of all sorts of diseases including cancer, asthma, and even heart disease. Blame this on the Vitamin C, antioxidants and lycopene.

6. Poop

Yep, you read that right. It helps you poop. Due to the fibre and the amount of water you find in watermelon, it can help keep you regular, as do many fruits and vegetables, and a healthy, balanced diet.

Watermelon has so many health benefits, it’s easy to eat, and is great for any meal, including dessert or a quick drink! Yes, you can even make it into a smoothie! It’s something that’s really easy to feed the kids, they’ll love it, and you know they’re getting all the nutrients they need!

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My Favourite Summer Read… Thus Far


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Oh Nicholas Sparks, he’s done it again. I am one of the biggest fans of Nicholas Sparks and have read all his books. This one however, is a new one that was published near the end of last year, and why I have waited almost a year to read it is beyond me. But wow, is it ever a good summer read. I find myself falling in love with the characters, and not being able to put it down. I love every single one of Sparks’ novels, but I have not found myself as thrown into and obsessed with a novel since The Notebook, but this one has done it again. I am more than half way through it so far, and my hopes are to finish it by the end of the week. How Sparks is going to end this one, I really cannot predict at this point, but I have a few hopes for the ending. I definitely suggest picking this up at your local book store before the summer ends. And it gets even better… In 2015, this novel will be produced into a movie, and I cannot wait to see how they portray these amazing characters.

What’s next on my reading bucket list?



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MY Life Lessons


Stumbled across this little oldie..

Recently, I have been seeing many, many blog posts about life lessons, including Rachel Brathen’s post (my favourite yogi by the way). Now, I’m not sure if the universe has just been throwing them at me and making sure, for some odd reason, that I tune into the posts and read them, or what, who knows really. But I thought it was quite the interesting post to talk about and I thought why not share what I’ve learned over my 22 years.

1. Always shake someone’s hand with a firm grip. Just because you’re a girl, doesn’t mean you can”t, and just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean you should grab my hand like it’s an egg that’s going to break if you squeeze it too hard.

2. Honesty is key. It’s easier to keep track of the truth than to keep track of never-ending lies.

3. Everybody has their own demons, which means that somebody out there always has it worse than you. If you woke up on the right side of the ground, you’re doing alright.

4. Vitamin D and a little fresh air can help more than you think.

5. Don’t overthink, overanalyze and create problems that were never there and the things you can’t control, forget about em. Refer to 4.

6. Give everybody the benefit of the doubt. Just because one person backstabbed you or cheated on you doesn’t mean the next one is going to. The second parter to this is – girls, there are a select few decent guys out there.

7. Open your heart – literally and in yoga terms.

8. Eating your veggies isn’t just something your mom tells you in order not to waste any food. They’re pretty important.

9. Whatever is meant for you will never pass you by.

10. You’re going to die eventually. Maybe tomorrow, maybe today, maybe 80 years from now, but either way, you should do want you want today. Regardless of money, regardless of what other people think, just do what you want. Travel, spend a little money on yourself, laugh, and maybe change your career path. Just ensure that you’re happy and doing what you love. You’ll get more out of it, trust me.