Friday Favourites: Must-Read Blogs


Happy Friday! Have I ever been lazy with blogging AND my workouts. and I mainly blame the cold… At least it’s Friday and I can start fresh next week! They always say you go through a period where it gets HARD, no matter what it is, recovering from a surgery, working out or making any habit and I believe that if I get through this week next week will be better… if not, there’s ALWAYS Starbucks, and that just makes everything better.

With a pretty lax semester I find myself on blog lovin’ and Instagram and Pinterest A LOT. It’s sometimes sickening, but I promise I’m putting my time to good use, or in other words reading up on many blogs through all means of social media. So I thought I would share some of my favourites. Continue reading

A Little Shopping Haul…Whoops


Oh My Lanta… Winter is in full effect, and I do not just mean up here in the Great White North.. Our fellow Southerners are seeming to have below normal temperatures and storms coming through. I suppose it is a little bit of karma for all those years of making fun of Canadians and our cold weather… Don’t worry, you never get used to it!

I thought this was adorable. At Costco it was so cold that the birdies were using the carts in the sun as a way to sunbathe. Poor little things!

IMG_3227And of course, I’m sick again.Β But, I took one day off and I refuse to let it bring me down and out and I plan on resting today, hitting the gym to try and sweat it out and doing A LOT of blog planning.

Anyways, the other day I did a little bit of shopping… which, whoops. It was just Christmas and my birthday is coming up so I highly doubt I needed them…. Okay, correct that, you can ALWAYS find an excuse to buy yourself things. Just give me a few days to figure out what my excuse is….Β  Continue reading

Here We Go – Back to Work & Pear and Pecan Salad

Happy Monday you all! Back to work and school we all go.
I had a wonderful week away, but I’m back and ready to kick this semester’s butt. I start a new journey of finishing my bEd, finally back in the classroom, and killing it at my New Year’s Resolutions….so far!

With everyone trying to eat healthier with their resolutions and goals, I thought I would share one of my favourite salads. Continue reading

Setting Resolutions: 2015 Here We Come!!

Happy Monday all!

What a whirlwind of a weekend! I cannot believe that Christmas has come and gone just like that and now the New Year is only a few days away!


With a new year comes resolutions of course and being your stereotypical “basic b**tch” ( I took some online quiz, and I scored pretty high for this so apparently I’m one…anyways…) I have your stereotypical New Years resolutions … Continue reading