Monthly Letters of Encouragement


Last month I stumbled upon Manda Sue’s Instagram page and soon discovered her posts about the #monthlylettersofencouragement and I was instantly hooked. I got in contact with Manda herself via email, and due to my location in Canada and the large number of women she writes to, she was unable to write to me. HOWEVER, she quickly convinced me to start my own and I jumped right in. I soon found myself writing to 20-30 women across the continent! And before I knew it, the love and thank-you’s and letters themselves started pouring in as well! There is nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face…okay maybe there is – wine and cute stationary…combined?

Anyways! If you are interested in starting your own movement or want to join for April’s letters please email me at

By the way, I apologize for the typos in the March #monthlylettersofencouragement introduction (see photo above) and I promise there was no wine involved when writing that!

Throw kindness around like confetti! 

Check out @mandasueee on Instagram or her blog !

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