I’m Going Gluten-Free (Again…for the last time)


Happy Saturday! Today marks the first official day of March break for us Canadian teachers and also the first full week since I went gluten-free again (for the third and final time…I swear). And guess what, I’m still alive. And feeling much better!

After suffering from worse asthma symptoms than I should be suffering from, arthritic symptoms, bloating, fatigue and now, the straw that broke the camel’s back, hormonal acne… I have decided to go gluten-free for good. My boyfriend’s response?  “It’s about time. You always feel so much better when you go gluten-free so stick with it this time.” And it’s true, I really do. I decided after much contemplation and over 6 months of suffering from hormonal (cystic) acne around my chin and mouth to cut the crap. I cut out gluten cold turkey, including sugar (I LOVE CANDY) because that needed to be done as well.

And I can say a week in I am feeling AMAZING. Yes, I am craving bread and sugar like crazy, and I may have had 2 slip-ups where I had a Starbucks frapp and a piece of apple pie, but trust me I paid for those 2 slip-ups – acne, achy joints, guilt. So I definitely learned my lesson there.

The hardest part? Giving up pizza. I looooooove pizza and my boyfriend loves it as well. Solution? Domino’s Gluten-Free pizza. Yep, you read that correctly. It’s amazing! I had it before and completely forgot about it until this week. It is very much like a flat-bread pizza and it only comes in a 10″ but it is more than enough! The only problem is, my boyfriend loves it too and it doesn’t last long. The only disclaimer I have is to go to the Domino’s website and thoroughly read the ingredient list because you would not be surprised how many things are hiding in your pizza toppings (I do understand this because of cost and making products last as long as possible) and if you do have allergies or are on a specific diet, you may surprised.

*For those with celiac disease, always be careful because the crust is still made in a common kitchen and there is a chance of cross contamination.

The best part about this (besides the pizza) is that I get to experiment in the kitchen and with Pinterest so I will be keeping you updated each week on my experiments and I will share the best recipes!

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